Saturday, May 23, 2009

Your RHA is ready to ACT!!!

And now we look onward!

RHA just celebrated the ten year anniversary of the constitution's ratification. May 12, 2009 during the RHA/NRHH Year End Reception, every president from the past ten years returned to share experiences and word of wisdom for the future.

Standing on the firm foundation afforded to us by the RHA members of the last decade, we are ready to A.C.T.

We're ready to be Accountable to the students we represent; build the greater campus Community by forging better relationships with other student representative bodies, taking advantage of the priority influence we have over residential campus issues, and expanding our reach of influence; and we are ready with Teamwork. We'll work together, create and sustain greater appreciation of our Hall and Area Councils, become great friends and associates, and have fun all the way.

Let me introduce you to your Executive Board for the 2009 - 2010 academic year.

Vice President- Travis Durepo
Administrative Officer- Julie Hudnet
Finance Officer- Richard Solaski
Chief Information Officer - Uneeb Qureshi
Student Groups Liaison- Ellie Farr
Public Relations and Outreach- Debbie Kobrin
National Communications Chair- Mitchell Amoros

And I, Josef Mensah, will serve as your President.

If you are an incoming freshman resident or a returning student looking to flex your leadership guns, build character, gain friendships, and get INVOLVED the Residence Hall Association is the place for you. Check out our website ( and/or e-mail us at We're your voice, all summer and school year long!

Enjoy the summer!

Josef K. Mensah, President