Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Junior Housing Lottery Resolution

RHA Supported, 41:1 with 0 abstentions, to revise the 3rd Year Housing Lottery. While still maintaining the randomness and blindness of the lottery, this resolution supports structuring it so those with up to one probation are higher in the lottery system than those with two or more. Remember Lottery System is different than priority system . Below is some clarification as to what a probation really is and what this resolution supports.

If the Dept of Resident Life adopts our revisions, they will take place for next year's lottery.


Josef K. Mensah
RHA President

[The following is an excerpt from RHA Senate Meeting 04/13/2010, recorded by Corie Stretton, RHA Administrative Officer]

Resolution YEL005

· Title: A Resolution Supporting a Junior Lottery System Based on Severity and Number of Infractions ·

Summary: Those with two probations or more be lowered in the Junior Lottery System and those who are already on probation entering the next academic year, will have to receive one more probation in order for lower placement.

· Clarification on Terminology

o A-Level Violation

§ The most serious ResLife violation. Examples include violence against another resident and marijuana.

o Probation

§ Examples include underage drinking and noise complaints. Technically, individually they are B-violations, but they are usually combined and called a probation.

o Receiving a violation

§ A-level violations require a hearing and being found responsible for the violation.

§ Probations are given after you speak to your RD about the situation, and you may be placed on probation.

o There isn’t any confusion for students who receive either of these violations. They know whether they are on probation or have an A-level violation.

o Questions:

§ Who determines when you are put on probation?

· It comes down to the RD’s decision.

§ Can you describe what “found responsible” means?

· It would depend on your hearing. It’s equivalent to being found guilty.

§ Nothing has really changed in the resolution, right?

· Not really, we just changed the vocabulary. There aren’t any major substantive changes.

§ What if I was having a party in my room and had three B-level violations at once? Would I go on probation three separate times?

· No, you would have one probation for the entire event.

§ You can get a noise violation without being on probation, right?

· Yes. You will get a letter if you’re on probation.

· Questions:

o Can you clarify the distinction again referring to grandfathering violations?

§ There’s two groups of people. People who commit violations after this is passed, and people who committed violations before this passed. The second group as a “one strike and you’re out” view, where if you’re put on probation one more time you’re out. The first group will be out if they have an A-level violation or are put on probation.

o How is this different from how it currently is? How is the lottery numbers different than priority numbers.

§ Lottery numbers are assigned to all rising third year students to let them know if they are invited back to housing, they are now randomly assigned. Priority numbers are assigned after it is determined you can live on campus.

o If someone committed a violation once before this resolution passes, then they get one more chance before it affects them? What if they’ve been put on probation twice?

§ The resolution says one or more. Even if you’re committed several, you still get one last chance, and if you get one more violation then you’re [lowered on the list].

o How will students be informed about this?

§ It will become a part of Dept of Resident Life policy, and will be explained when you’re told how you can be kicked out of housing.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Justification for DMK004 2010

Justification for DMK004 2010
A Resolution to Support the Creation of a Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) shuttle route to the New Carrollton Metro Station. The resolution Passed 27:11:2.

There has been quite a bit of discussion in regards to the creation of a new DOTS shuttle bus route to New Carrolton metro station. I am happy that students, faculty and staff have voiced their concerns about discontinuing both the Campus Connector North and Campus Connector South bus routes.

The first point of contention is the idea that there once was a shuttle, a few years back to New Carrollton metro. This is correct and the shuttle was discontinued due to the lack of ridership. However, since, DOTS has changed many shuttle routes to the surrounding areas and there are no shuttles to that particular area of prince Georges County. It is both important for sustainability and DOTS that there be less cars on campus, and a shuttle to a new area will help reduce the number of cars on campus. There are also great benefits to a New Carrollton shuttle that include having greater accessibility to the Amtrak, the MARC Penn line, and the metro Orange line.

It is also worth noting that RHA, the voice of on-campus students have taken the position that it may be worthwhile to loose on-campus shuttles in favor of adding one for commuting students, faculty, staff. Ridership on both campus connector busses has been low for quite a while and though the busses serve the campus during the day, the busses do not run frequently enough to be used to reliably go from one area of the campus to another. Though Campus Connector North will be discontinued, the New Carrollton shuttle will stop at various places on Route One, that will run more frequently than Campus Connector South.

Overall, the loss of the campus connector shuttles are a small price to pay in exchange of a new shuttle that will not only save money for commuting individuals, but may serve as a help for individuals whom do not have convenient transformation to campus.

Debbie Kobrin
South Campus Commons Senator
Transportation Advisory Committee Chairperson