Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Late Night at the Library

Word has been circulating that late night at the library will be ending. When? We're not sure. Why? We're not sure. The only thing students really know is that this can not happen.

There has already been a Facebook group started to show opposition to the idea.

Students need the space to read, study and get work done. We are here for an education and need a place to aid in our success to our academic endeavors. I know as much as anyone else, we are busy during the day, and sometimes those late night hours are the few hours we have between classes and meetings to finish that paper you have due!

To voice your concern for the late night issue, please email Provost Farvardin, Dean Lowry, and Dean Vikor (farvardin@umd.edu, dlv@umd.edu, clowry@umd.edu)

Posted by: Alex Beuchler, President

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