Wednesday, September 24, 2008

DOTS to limit Parking Permits to underclassmen

The Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) has sold 600 fewer parking permits than last year due to construction taking place near Lot 1. There will be even fewer spaces in Lot 2 when construction starts on the new Denton community. Who does this affect?

The students of course but we have been provided a way to voice our opinions. Director of DOTS David Allen says this will especially affect freshmen and sophomores. Freshmen and sophomores have been able to register for permits in the past but now only a select few might be able to.

Here's where you and your Residence Hall Association (RHA) comes in. Director Allen will start dialogue with your elected representatives to decide who gets priority over parking spots.

How to be heard:
Get involved!

Read the Diamondback article. DOTS sold 600 fewer permits than last year - News

Posted by: Josef K. Mensah, Vice President

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