Friday, August 21, 2009

Around the Corner!

Move in is around the corner with Commons and Courtyards residents moving in tomorrow and the rest of the campus next weekend!

The RHA Executive Board has been back since last Tuesday setting specific goals for the year in order for YOU to BE INVOLVED! Add us on Facebook (Maryland Residence Hall Assoc) . It'll keep you aware of all the programs in your Hall/Area Council and the policy being considered in the RHA Senate. whether by running for an RHA Position or knowing what is happening all around campus from programs to the policy we're considering.

It's been so fun hanging with the Executive Board. We're becoming great teammates and even greater friends. Going into my fourth year in RHA, I've made connections with such a wide variety of people I would not have been able to meet or work with elsewhere. This year is no different.

I hope to meet YOU too! The RHA Execs and some students from your hall or area will be sitting at tables during move-in. Don't forget to stop by and say hi before getting your keys. Yes, this means EVERYBODY ! We want to know the people we'll be representing, and the students interested in representing others as the VOICE for on-campus students.

You and your new roommates, floormates, and friends should come bust a move at the RHA/NRO Dance on Friday night at 9:00pm in the Student Union Grand Ballroom.

As always...

Josef K. Mensah
RHA President

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