Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The RHA votes to sign the Free Speech Letter

Resolution JMK001, 2009

A resolution Opposing Board of Regents Policy that would Discontinue the Right for the Residence Hall Association and Area Councils to Screen Any or All Films

Upon the approval of this resolution by the RHA Senate, the RHA will be added to the signatories of the Free Speech Letter drafted by the SGA.

Non-debateable questions:
Can you clarify what is meant in the final ‘therefore be it resolved’
That when choosing to show a movie at an RHA event, the host will take someone’s opinions into consideration if they think the movie shouldn’t be shown.

Where would the films in question be shown?
Anywhere: this would apply to films shown in Hoff or at events in Residence Halls.

Would these films be advertised?
If the person hosting the event wants to advertise, they must do it within the normal perimeters of Resident Life.

Do you think there will be a definition on “obscene”?
So far, there isn’t one, so we’re trying to be proactive in the event that there is a definition of obscene.

Keeping this decision to choose to show these movies in student power is important. It shouldn’t be deferred to the Board of Regents.

This is giving students the choice to see or not see a movie, no one is choosing for us what we can’t see.

This takes away a large part of our programming; residents should be able to get together and have a good time without having to find the educational component in the Office or a horror movie on Halloween.

This will take away from the establishment of community.

This resolution isn’t condoning the showing of pornography.

We are all adults. We can choose for ourselves.

This resolution supports that none of the current policy or practices will change.

It broadcasts the university in a bad light, especially if there is obscene signage.

We are opening ourselves to be criticized about every movie we show.

Even if this doesn’t mean we condone obscene movies, people still could get that impression.

This resolution passed 39:0:0

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