Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What do YOU think?

There is SO much happening on campus, isn't there? The best part about it is that resident students can have a say on how things turn out.

Picking up the Diamondback every morning, there is always something going on and always something that the RHA can help you voice your concerns about.

Today in the Diamondback I read articles about two things:
Transportation and the gating of the Mowatt Garage from the Guilford Drive location (http://www.diamondbackonline.com/news/police-dots-install-gate-at-mowatt-garage-entrance-1.892603)


The trash accumulating after Late Night (http://www.diamondbackonline.com/news/unappetizing-leftovers-1.890999)

I'll start with the garage. I don't speak for the entire RHA when I say this (though if you want the RHA to take a specific stance, you should let us know) but I think having the security back is great. This way we don't get random people coming onto our campus from the outside and unmarked but it is a bit inconvenient coming back after ten and having to drive the whole campus to park. What do YOU think?

Now for the issue of trash accumulating outside the dining halls. The beauty of late night and why the RHA advocated for it so many years ago was that students were still hungry after dinner time and because they called campus home, a (pre-)midnight snack should be available. At Late-Nite trays are not available, but what if more students ate in more? That way we all could dispose of trash in the containers that the dining staff controls. However, there have been many times where I want to run in and run out of late night just to get something to keep me satiated while studying.

So what's your take? What do you think? The RHA Meetings have standing meetings with Department of Transportation and Dining Services. What would you want US to say to THEM for YOU?! What stance on these issues would you want us to take?

Not comfortable sharing your name? Use our Honesty Box on FACEBOOK!! (www.facebook.com/MarylandRHA)

VOICE your opinion. BE INVOLVED!

-Josef Mensah
President, RHA

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Sumner said...

It is definitely a pain to have to take campus drive from route 1 just to get to Mowatt Lane garage. Could RHA look into the cost to UPD or DOTS of adding one patrol to that gate for the hours of 10p-12a? You know, just to check IDs. Then, lock her up at midnight, yeah?